the mind is everything. what you think you become.

Ajay Malekar

be the best in everything I do!

I am the limitless learner! I truly enjoy learning about everything!

Especially the Economic & Technological changes - the overall process of invention, innovation & distribution of technology/processes/policies, which profoundly keeps disrupting humanity at individual, social, cultural & industrial levels. Fascinated by how these disruptions have been solving the mysteries which once seemed so dreadful for the society. In reality all these disruptions are the simple ideas/thoughts/desires from the learners who’s curiosity with some sincerity invoke their passion, makes them courageous at times to strive harder to innovate/invent/fight to make the changes for greater good, revealing numerous possibilities for betterment.

Besides it's so inspiring & life changing when the process of transforming these mere ideas/thoughts/desires into reality begins to act like adrenaline powering them to pushing all efforts towards the aim of making it real/worth.

You can count me on these:

Talent/Candidate Engagement throughout the Talent Acquisition(Recruitment) Life cycle - TALC

Recruitment/ATS System SME

Recruitment Analytics

Streamlining Strategic(Startup) Process Initiatives

Stakeholder Management

Multi-Cultural / International Recruitment, Talent Acquisition

Passionate for Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Wealth Management

What can I Do
Money Management

Need help with Money Management

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Who I am
Ajay Malekar

Recruitment Professional with over 12 years’ experience delivering, executing various Recruitment Projects to successfully build teams of professionals across all levels having Technical, Functional, Domain expertise for leading Banks, Insurers, and Capital Market Companies. Engaged and hired ambitious talent with right skills, integrity, self-motivated towards achieving high quality services/solutions. With remarkable turnaround helping in winning more business and in some cases building New Practices for innovative skills.